Welcome to my site! A safe space for FOMO victims valley wide and all citizens suffering from the, “there nothing to do in the Valley” syndrome.

Times are changing, people are changing, the valley is changing. And it you ain’t with it, you missing out!

I started this blog with an iPhone, a broken laptop and an idea born out of boredom/frustration one hot Friday afternoon. How could a place that raised this superstar 😉 not be ranked  the best places in Texas?! We got culture, we got music, we got finger licking good food!

There’s so much coolness going on here in the Rio Grande Valley but sometimes we get so stuck in our little bubble that we are blind to the growth and rely on the old RGV stigma we have engraved in our minds.

Join me in exploring all the freaking amazing magic being created right here in our hometown. I’ll show you where to go, how to survive and how to fall in love with everything the Rio Grande Valley has to offer. Suck on that Austin Texas! Jk don’t come for me. Also! Don’t forget to like my  Instagram page AND Facebook page!

Welcome to RGV Domain 🙂