As always, I was running late. Can you blame a girl for wanting perfect wing eyeliner?

Finding the location wasn’t difficult, GPS was spot on and I didn’t have any trouble. Parking was FREE, yay! Fortunately I was being guided by a parking angel and found great parking spot quickly. For the unlucky few, parking was crammed and chaotic…which I assume go hand in hand with the no complaint here.

As you walked towards the fest you were greeted with the sweet aroma of tacos and funnel cake coming from the food truck assembly and I must say they didn’t disappoint.Harlingentacos

The concert event was a little disorienting but to Harlingen’s defense the original stage set up had technical difficulties and the city along with other organizations had to set up a much smaller stage for the artists at the last minute. I also noticed getting around was difficult due to the lack of good lighting. Thank God for IPhones with flashlight capacities or I would have landed face first right into someone’s funnel cake.

Note to self: Must buy lawn chair for future outside festivals.

Aaron Watson was just amazing, the man knows how to put on a damn good show. He has a way of interacting with the crowd that keeps you laughing and dancing all night.

Over all a big ‘ole thank you to Harlingen for providing the public this great family friendly event!

It was a great way of Kicking off the 4th of July weekend

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