Hello There! 

This is my first official post on RGVDomain. I have been interested in blogging for a while and have finally made the step foward to do it (Winning). My opinions and comments are solely mine and are not intended to hurt/harm anyone. I will be posting about things I like, things I don’t like, food, buzz, lifestyle, ideas, events and whatever comes up in between.

Why blog?
I’m a firm believer The Rio Grande Valley has so much to offer to its residents, yet many still think there is nothing to do here. I’m out to set the locals straight! From concerts, music festivals, delicious food, obstacle runs like Jailbreak and art exhibits its amazing what you can find here.

Give Me Feedback!
I’ll always be looking for feedback on this site, or if you want to share a cool event in the RGV that you want to see on here, just leave a comment or send a private email!

Hopefully this entertains some and perhaps educate others.

Looking forward to this adventure!

Thanks for reading,


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